Are Trolley Bags Weighed Before boarding an airplane?

Trolley Bags Are Weighed Before boarding: if you are going to travel on a flight for the first time and you do not know how much weight you should carry in a trolley bag, then let us give you detailed information in this post which will make your journey very easy. Because when many people travel on a flight for the first time, they become very panicky about this thing, then you do not need to panic at all because we will tell you in full detail.

Yes, your trolley bags and handbags are weighed before boarding the flight. Basically, we see or hear someone check your luggage and handbags before boarding the flight. Basically, you can carry only two types of bags, one handbag and the other check-in bag (luggage), out of which you can take one handbag with you inside the flight, and the check-in bag (luggage) and check-in counter has to deposit your check-in bag (luggage).

How much weight can you take in your luggage on the flight

How much weight can you take in your luggage on the flight?

The most important thing is how many kilos of weight you can carry in your bag. Each airline company has different rules and regulations regarding the amount of baggage you can carry. The weight of the luggage of the check-in bag is usually 20 to 30 kg and the weight of the handbag in which we keep some of our personal belongings which we carry with us on the flight also weighs at least 7 to 14 kg. The approximate amount of luggage you can carry in your bag entirely depends on the policies of the airlines.

You can carry a weight of 7 to 14 kg in your handbag or cabin bag. If you have a small child with you on the flight, then you can take liquid things like breast milk, baby juice, and many baby food liquid things with you, but You have to keep one thing in mind don’t take any such thing like a lighter, matchbox, an electronic cigarette and many other things which you are not allowed to carry in the flight can be dangerous for anyone and it became strict Is. If you carry it secretly, then you can also be fined by the airline department for this.

You can take this product on your flight

You can take this product on your flight

  • Electronic Gadgets: During the journey, if you pick up any kind of electronic gadget, then keep it in the switch-off mode because without charging the battery, separate it from those devices. If you are carrying electric razors and tool brushes, remove their batteries as such items can become a major security hazard.
  • Baby Equipment And Necessities: If you have a small child traveling with you, you can take baby formula, breast milk, gel or baby juice or liquid teether, and a jar of canned or processed baby food in your handbag on the flight There should be no problem if the child gets hungry during the flight. When you go to the security screener for your security checking, you will be asked to remove all these items from your handbag at that time because before boarding the flight everything is thoroughly security checked when your security check is done after that you will be allowed to take all these things with you.
  • Medicine Asthma Inhaler: You are allowed to carry an asthma inhaler during the flight because there are people of all classes on the flight, if someone has asthma (shortness of breath) then they can carry the asthma inhaler with them. There are many people who are traveling on a flight for the first time and when the flight is ready to take off, many people have breathing problems, so especially for such people, the airline’s company asthma inhalers with allowed to carry.

Special discount on carrying these items in your trolley bag on the flight

  • Lady’s handbag/cabin bag
  • A camera, binoculars
  • Crutches, wheelchairs (for handicapped)
  • Liquids, Aerosols, and Gels
  • Sporting goods, and athletic equipment
These items cannot be carried in flight

These items cannot be carried in your trolley bag on the flight

  • Strictly ban on carrying E-cigarettes
  • Firearm and Guns
  • Tool, self-defense
  • Bleaching powder, peroxides


For your information, let me tell you that each airline department has different rules and each airline department is allowed to carry different weights. If you need more information about this, then you can see it on the official website of the related airlines, and also on the ticket, you get the necessary instructions related to it.

What is the maximum amount of baggage that can be carried on flight travel?

During the flight, we can carry two types of bags, one is the check-in bag and the other is the handbag in which we keep some of our personal belongings. Drop the check-in bag at the check counter only. Generally, each airline company has a different weight allowance. You can carry approx 7 to 14 Kilograms in a handbag and approx 20 to 30 Kilograms in a checked-in bag.

Can baby food be carried on a flight?

Yes, of course, we can carry baby liquid items like breast milk, baby juice, baby gel, and baby formula in our handbags during flights.

Can alcohol be taken on the flight?

Yes, obviously we can carry alcohol but there are some restrictions only 5 liters not more than that.

Can lighters and matches be taken on the flight?

No, It is not allowed in air travel. There is a strict ban on carrying lighters and matches on airplanes in the country.

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